Insurance as an expression of community.

Brand and business strategy lead to a fundamental shift in focus for a legacy Virginia company

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Northern Neck Virginia Insurance was a diamond in the rough: solid, stable, and unimpressive to the casual observer. The company had a fiercely loyal customer base, strong brand attributes, financial strength — and a hunger for relevance. 

The Work:

Brand and business strategy led a shift to a people-centric, purpose-driven business model and comprehensive growth plan that encompassed a reorganization, product overhaul, technology strategy, and building a customer experience and consumer marketing program from the ground up.

Core insight: Insurance is an expression of community. 


  • Membership means more than customership
  • Strength starts at home
  • Belonging as brand promise
  • The internal team is the first circle of community


  • Created brand narrative and strategy
  • With CEO, implemented 3-Year Transformation Plan and Leadership Alignment System
  • Designed Voice of Customer Program
  • Facilitated Core Values
  • Build and Lead Digital Marketing Team


CoreStory Brand Development

Strategic Refocus

Growth Planning

Digital Strategy & Execution

Experience Strategy and Design