Your brand is your business.


Chart your path .

Organizations are complicated. Smart strategies get undermined by resistance, politics and silos. Brilliant innovations die without a cohesive team to lead, design and execute them into reality. Market opportunities sail by because organizations are distracted by the daily demands of the business.

And yet some organizations seem to have cracked the code. They build momentum because they center the operation around a cohesive vision, strategy, and culture. They know who they are. They have a plan. Everyone is on the same page working with passion and purpose, drawing on consistent habits and behaviors to channel their unique strengths into creating business value. They create a truly human enterprise.

Stuart Wood helps organizations learn how to crack the code.

Stuart uses the knowledge gained working with hundreds of mid-sized and smaller organizations to build unique brand strategies to drive sustainable growth. His practice is based on the notion that business is a human enterprise and he advises leaders on how to integrate business and human systems to fully realize their organization’s potential. Prior to launching a consulting practice in 2007, Stuart developed his brand-as-business model as a leader in niche marketing firms where he was a brand strategist, creative director and senior writer.  Stuart studied English Literature at Carleton College. He lives in Charlottesville, Virginia.