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Creating more human enterprises.

Why do some organizations seem like they’ve cracked the code?

Some places just seem to work. They create cool things. Loyalty happens. Growth follows. Lives improve.

For so many others, potential lies dormant. Good work is undermined by resistance, politics, and silos. Innovations die without a cohesive team to bring them to life. Market opportunities sail by while people are consumed by the daily grind.

We help organizations crack the code of meaningful growth.

We build purpose-driven brands that convert untapped potential into greater impact. Our practice is grounded in the reality that business is a human enterprise that requires leaders to integrate business and human systems to fully realize their organization’s potential.

We believe:

  • Every organization has untapped potential, starting with the human systems on which the business operations stand.
  • Organizations that use their brands to shape their culture, operations, and customer experience produce faster growth, greater margins, and better employee performance.
  • Organizations that create conditions where people are free to express their talents and find meaning in their work outperform the competition and create more value.
  • Organizations have an obligation to improve the lives of their stakeholders.




Stuart Wood

Stuart Wood


Prior to launching a consulting practice in 2007, Stuart Wood developed his brand-as-business model as a leader in niche marketing firms where he was a brand strategist, creative director and senior writer. Stuart studied English Literature at Carleton College. Raised in the Green Mountains of Vermont, he now lives in Charlottesville, Virginia where the mountains turn blue.


A few of our clients doing good.