We aren’t machines.
Optimize for humanity.


Don’t grow alone.  


I help leaders reframe their strategy and stories to create healthier, happier organizations.

Strategic Facilitator | Brand Mentor | Fractional CMO

My name is Stuart Wood and I help organizations optimize for humanity.  Together, we surface brand stories that drive better strategies to mobilize small to mid-sized organizations through brand-culture strategy and marketing communications.


by convert ideas and beliefs into focused action 



Vision > Conviction > Connection >  Impact


Tell your truth.

Why does your organization exist? What do you stand for and how will you thrive? Who do you serve and where do you play? Unpack these questions and powerful truths emerge that unlock your organization’s potential and point the way toward a vibrant, vigorous future. Give voice to these truths (they are often unspoken) and new clarity, conviction, and connection become possible, leading to greater impact.

Build your fire.

My work is rooted in the art and science of trust. Be crazy good. What you see is what you get. Be who you say you are. When you build an organization around actions that truly matter to people — you earn trust. I help you develop your brand actions as a crucial differentiator, along with systems for delivering on them consistently. This is how great organizations, large and small, punch above their weight.

Sync your team.

Our work together integrates purpose, strategy, culture, and operations to create absolute clarity for your team. Our framework connects the dots: what you do, how you do it, what you measure, what you stand for, and the stories you tell. It’s your GPS for building deep relationships with the humans who are essential to your future: your teams, customers, and communities.

Walk your walk.

Performance is an expression of values and habits. We codify the mindsets, practices, and relationships that define high-performance for you. As your strategic facilitator and coach, I help you excavate and articulate your story. You emerge with a playbook for how you can express your unique value in everything you do. This is the story that clarifies decisions, aligns leadership, and lights up your teams. It is the compass and the power center of your brand. It’s the key that opens up your true field of play. That’s where you find that potential you’ve been chasing.

Whose story are you living?

If your story is off, you probably already know the feeling. Something’s missing.  Performance? Passion? Purpose? At times like these, we face a choice: stick with business as usual — and predictable results — or step onto a different path.

A change of path starts with a different story. A true story. Get your story right and everything unlocks.

People lean in. Minds and hearts open. Barriers dissolve. Needles move.

This is my work and I’d love to share it with you.